10 May, 2011


If you're still following this, please check out my new site at www.veggiebean.com


20 April, 2011


For a little while now, I've been contemplating taking my blog in another direction. While there are a few great resources detailing the specifically vegetarian and vegan dining options there are in Boston, I feel like the web lacks in having something to tell the veggie world what a wide array of options they have available to them outside of the 10 or so all veg restaurants. So, maybe I should attempt to provide that. Key word: ATTEMPT.

I have come to realize that one of my biggest pet peeves is having people say "what DO you eat?", or "I dont know how you do it" when the topic of being a vegetarian/vegan comes up. I think the reason I get so frustrated is that I feel like there are SO many options, and it's really easy to do. Mostly just because I WANT to do it (if you dont want to eat something, you just don't eat it, right?), but these days, being a vegan or vegetarian is extremely easy (I say that like I was around when it wasn't easy...), and so many places are vegan/vegetarian friendly or accommodating. I want to document that.

So... veggiebean.com is born. I'm really hoping that it will be beneficial for people. I want to have an extensive list of restaurants, links, menu options, "reviews", and who knows what. It will be a work in progress. Suggestions are always welcome and appreciated.

here we go!

Shout out to Vegan Dad!

Tonight's dinner consisted of my c-tsar salad, and Vegan Dad's Broccoli Risotto. Matt did a fantastic job cooking the risotto. It was super creamy and reminded me of broccoli cheese soup.

I can't believe I hadn't heard of Vegan Dad before this weekend. I'm so impressed by the wide array of recipes he has. All of the food looks and sounds amazing and I'm really looking forward to making more. He officially won me over when I saw his post about having a "Harry Potter" themed new years celebration with his children. Those kids are some lucky ducks.

14 April, 2011

What the... what?

Came across this today.

Really? C'mon...

13 April, 2011

Home Sick

I've been eye-balling this recipe for a few months now. Black Bean Brownies? REALLY??! We'll see about this...

I'm home from work today (as you might be able to tell from my post-a-thon) and figured I would quit my headache whining, get in the kitchen, and make Matt a treat to come home to.

Might I quickly mention that I have the best husband ever? He takes such good care of me when I'm a grouchy migrane-ridden poop head.

Ok, so to be honest... although an odd concept (not for me, but probably for the non-vegan masses), these are incredibly yummy!! I urge anyone that might be looking for a healthy alternative to brownies to give this a try. So easy, and very satisfying!

While we're on the topic of treats...
I was very saddened to recently find out that my favorite non-guilty, guilty pleasure "Cashewtopia" (raw, vegan gelato) is no longer available at the Framingham Whole Foods. I imagine that a scoop would be delicious paired with one of these brownies. Sigh...

Sauteed tomato, mushroom, and bok choy with brown rice

Taken from: this/next month's issue of Vegetarian Times. I couldn't find the recipe online, so I'm not going to post it for fear of (not) giving proper credit.

This was great! The recipe called for bulgur and I couldn't find any at the store, so I substituted brown rice. I think it worked just fine. Everything was very light and fresh and cooking the rice with mushroom broth made a HUGE, tasty difference.

A favorite...

On my cheat days, this is at the top of my craving-list. I'd held onto the recipe for quite some time, as the crust requires an entire stick of earth balance (...for two people. *cough* *cough*). However, when I got some adorable purple baking dishes that were clearly born for pot-pies from my in-laws for Christmas, it was time to give in to temptation. Nothing running an extra mile can't take care of the next day!

Here's the recipe, along with a much better picture. I use whole-wheat flour and it comes out just as amazing.